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About Us

cryptobaron.biz (CRYPTO BARON LIMITED) is a private investment company incorporated in Georgia. We have been in the crypto mining business since April of 2017 but recently launched our cloud mining service early this year. Company Reg. #15678938. In order to feel our philosophy you need to answer the question: What makes a business successful and marketable?

We are sure that many people know the answer to this question, although everyone has different answers. In this regard, we believe that our vision of the success and relevance of business has the right to life and wide recognition. That involves understanding of what resources we have and what drives the company’s business steadily forward, sweeping any obstacles in its way.

At first, it was Bitcoin mining . Then Crypto trading entered the stock markets with its truly incredible opportunities and almost complete freedom to choose trading strategies. The third pillar of our business appeared few months ago, against the backdrop of a rapid increase in the rates of major crypto currencies dropping in prices. We realised that the money which is vital to the growth of our economy is very close. To help people seize the opportunity of this crypto low period we started our online mining service and continue to do what we can do better than many other market players who has been there before us.

Having received and stabilize three independent sources of the company’s profit, we can afford to start developing clients in several directions, focusing the overall success for the benefit of our investors and the company’s counterparts We perform independent bitcoin mining ,crypto insurance and commercial trading as the primary sources of our operation.

This generates profit directly for the company, its team and strengthens the Crypto Baron positioning in the global mining market.

We also work under the service contracts for dealer, brokerage and analytics to third-party players in the Forex market, on stock exchanges, as well as provide intermediary services when making deals at the cryptocurrency exchanges.

The third direction of our business is the provision of financial trust management services, which involves the transferring of third-party investment funds under the Crypto Barons management.

This came true due to the company obtaining all necessary state licenses and permits that regulate our activities in all aspects of commercial and tax legislation.

Such a balance of our business maintains the stability of mutual cooperation between Crypto Baron and our customers all over the globe.

We are steadily increasing trade and mining turnover and upholding an excellent business reputation. All this gave us new opportunities seized by the company in the form of the Crypto Barons resource, We are successfully performing the tasks entrusted, the paramount of which is the safe provision of our clients with online investment opportunities and obtaining high and stable profits in the short and longer run.
we have branches in Georgia,Estonia, UK, and Switzerland

Capital Office , Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX
Tõnismägi 5a 15191 Tallinn
7 Itskevichi Street, Saburtalo. Tbilisi. Georgia

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